Google My Business Listing – Create or Claim One Listing For You



It is very important that you have both (1) a website and (2) a GMB (Google My Business) listing for your business. You can create or claim your own listing, or else you can have us do that for you.

Note: you should have one GMB listing for every location that your business operates. That is important because it increases the probability that searchers will be near one of your GMB listings, and proximity to the searcher is a significant factor in local search rankings.

The service we provide with this add-on is to provide our best efforts to create a GMB listing for one location, or else to claim an already existing one for you. If one exists for you but it has already been claimed, we will attempt to claim it on your behalf and have ownership restored to you.

This service includes the creation or claiming of one GMB listing that includes the contact information that can be included in a GMB listing: Business name, address, phone number, website address and primary business category. It does not include other GMB listing options such as photos, Q&A, Google reviews or other features.

This is a one-time fee for services provided and, due to Google’s constantly changing practices and due to frequent software defects on Google’s part, we cannot guarantee success. However, so far we have never failed to get this done for our clients.


Additional information:

Note that you can do this yourself, if you have the time and technical know-how. Here’s how to create or claim a GMB listing for your business.

First, check to see whether you already have one. Go to Google and search for the exact name of your business. If your business already has a GMB listing, it should show up in the right-hand side of the search results page.

If it’s not there, then go to, search for the street address of your office, even if it’s in your home, and then click on the “Add a missing place” link. Follow the directions after that and you will eventually have a GMB listing a few weeks or so after that.

If it is there, but you know that you haven’t previously claimed it, click on the “Own this business?” link and follow the directions after that and you will eventually have a GMB listing a few weeks or so after that.

However, if you don’t understand or want to do this yourself, you can have us do this for you via this add-on.


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